If you look at many of the biggest stars in Hollywood for their respective fields, you will find that some had a hand up because of inside connections. Some from being in the right place at the right time, and others who made a way out of no way to be where they are. My personal favorite is the last statement I pointed out. This is the underdog story and who doesn’t love a good miracle in this big old world we live in. Of all the stories I would like to touch on, today I will have to talk about the one and only Jay-Z. Like many black males in America, Jay-Z was surrounded in environments that would not likely create growth! Poverty, drugs, violence, and other negative settings were the stage he was brought on. Have you ever wondered where the name Jay-Z ever came from? Well according to inside sources, Jay-Z had an early mentor with the name Jaz-O. Jaz-O was the one who taught him everything regards to the art of poetry. Having this positive role model in his life started a new and improved route for Jay-Z! He no longer desired to be conflicted with the trouble of the streets and to take his energy and enthusiasm to something that could bloom positive seeds down the road. The good decision my man, good choice.Anyways, with the help of Jaz-O, he was able to get some buzz and attention on the MTV stage and other media outlets. His career started taking off and to show respect and homage he took a bit of Jaz-O with him into his tremendous success. He also incorporated his childhood stomping grounds by using the name of the subway station that was near his home in Brooklyn. Another originating factor to his stage name was the fact that folks in his upbringing referred to him as “Jazzy”. These factors are what brought life to the man we know today. Jay-Z knew that to get considerably larger he would have to make big moves into controlling where he took his god given talent. He and two other friends created the music label Roc-a-Fella Records in the spring of 1996. Later on, that summer he would go on to release his first album Reasonable Doubt. It was a smash hit amongst the underground community of Hip-hop and got some attention in the spotlight of the Billboard charts. It didn’t get to the top 10 albums, but it did create enough life to his name and label for him to continue on the path of music. His greatest album would be volume 2… Hard Knock Life. The single hit Hard Knock Life was viewed as Jay-Z’s greatest hit of all time. It won him a Grammy nomination From this point on, nothing would be the same for this up and coming star. He was on an upward spiral for large fruits of labor in the years to come! Jay-Z announced retirement after the release of some #1 albums. So for the next little bit; that would seem to be all we would receive from Jay-Z and his career!