In life, we must always keep moving our feet and minds to achieve and grow to heights we could never imagine. If you are not growing and moving what’s the point of life? When I say growth, I mean in all aspect of life. This includes spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological growth. Excel in each of these points and evenly work on them all as time goes on and you will probably have a more and sound judgment of who you are and what your purpose on this planet is. Who here likes the entertainment company Roc Nation? Who here even knows what it’s purpose is and who runs it? Well, you should care if you are in the hobby of listening to music. This company is a joint venture between media mogul Jay-Z and Live Nation. This company fully manages all of its artists and live performance venues it has around the west hemisphere.

Its roster of musicians includes Rihanna, Shakira, Kanye West, Timbaland, Meek Mill, J Cole, Rita Ora, and much more! A big move Roc Nation made was to launch the streaming service Tidal for the people to access their music in a more convenient way. With the come up of companies like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and much more, the streaming side of music has had many issues and legalities that have been proving to make many profits for Tidal. The future will only tell what’s in store for that venture Roc Nation invested in. One thing is for sure the man Jay-z is not counting all his eggs on that one move. Remember that Jay-Z has the clothing brand Rocawear, a film production company, and a string of nightclubs through the east end of the United States. He owns a portion of the Brooklyn Nets NBA team and is now pursuing the certification of becoming a sports agent and sponsoring the next up and coming sports stars. How can you knock this man’s hustle? It seems as if he never stops moving. The whole point of this article today was to give you an example of people who make the most of life and don’t limit themselves to anything. They don’t stop because of the how factor or anything of that jazz. They just know what they want and where they are going! The rest is figured out as your go on your journey. Adjustments tweaks and the never give up factor gives a lot of these people and companies the edge to succeed and give the world what it is looking for. Such an interesting topic I’d say. I love to speak of this nature and studying more and more to better myself and others every day. Passion folks Passion With it you can move mountains! Great thanks for reading take care and you will hear from us soon!