Jay-Z The Mogul



I am very interested in the life of people who took what they were given and made it into a precious gem! There is a laundry list of individuals who have come from the worst possible conditions and turned their lives into an amazing story tale to give people around the world hope in their own situations! I know many people just like me who are looking to explore this subject matter in detail, and if you are one of those people, please read what I have to say and share with me anything you would like for me to touch over! Today I am going to talk about one extraordinary individual by the name of Shawn Corey Carter AKA “Jay-Z”. If you do not know who this man is, then sit back while I give you a rundown of his life and achievements! For those of you who are well aware of this media mogul and entrepreneur, it might be nice to read along and correct me where I may have mixed up facts! Shawn Carter was born 1969 in Brooklyn New York! In particular, he was raised by his single mother in the crime and drug-infested projects; Marcy projects to be exact… If we delve deep into Shawn’s early days, we will find that he was a very different man than who he is today! They say you are a product of your environment, and I believe that to be true of anyone until you consciously make a decision to change the things around you. Changing the circumstances around you will pave a new way of living, thinking, and viewing the world. The Marcy project in Brooklyn was not a picnic in the park! It was one of the worst drug riddled areas of New York. In a time where drugs were exploding huge in the neighborhoods and the lower income spots of New York would see an explosion in the crime rate! Shawn went to high school at Eli Whitney High School, where other soon to be acclaimed musical legends would arise. The first name to come to mind is the Notorious B.I.G. Yes, that’s right they went to school together and who would have guessed where they would be now or what events would of unrolled in the next decade! In high school, Shawn would flirt with his demons, and they led him on the stereotypical path of many black males in those environments. Let me just say that was not the be all end all by any means!