Empire Mind

It was once said that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Would you agree with that statement? I definitely would because that is the raw nature of how America amassed its status on this planet. They are always pushing forward, innovating and making sure that the future is being paved. I like to speak of musical success, at least for the time being. Music will always be around and carry the soul of humans until our end, so why not speak on this art. From the Elvis Presley, Beatles, Eagles, Marvin Gaye, and current stars there is something for everyone to enjoy and love. I am going to talk about mega success stories that the world knows well, and maybe teach you something you didn’t already have in your knowledge bank. In 2011, Jay-Z was a thriving star in the world of music, and it had been this way for 15 years prior as well. From #1 albums to clothing brand power and investments in other media outlets and power houses it seems there is no stopping this household name from succeeding! He was known as a solo artist for a long time and wanted to change that in his reputation, so he teamed up with rap giant Kanye West on a collaboration album. This song became a hit in so many ways including ringtones which have been more important these days, so a business like this¬†http/www.cellphonerepairsolutions.com/¬†is need.

This album was named Watch the Throne and hit alarming notoriety and good press. It was a masterpiece and hit #1 spots on three platforms. It went first on rap charts, R&B, and pop charts around the world. They received many Grammy nominations for this album, and this proved that the two artists worked well together and should continue this collaboration work! The next move of these supergiants would be to release individual bodies of work and from the stats that were presented, it seems as if they fell short of the glamor that surrounds their names. One thing about Jay-Z is that he never solely depends on music to carry himself and conduct business, he has his hand in many pockets. Jay-Z took a break from music in the mid-2000’s to pursue being a head honcho in the decision-making process that record labels control from behind the scenes of these artists we love and adore. He had his sights on Def Jam Recordings, and in particular becoming the CEO of the organization. He did achieve this feat and was able to gain control and signing writes of many of the stars we know today like Ne-Yo, Jeezy, and later make his best friend Kanye West blow up out of the producing room and into a major artist. Jay-Z was not happy with the politics that came with Def Jam and in 2008 was looking for a way to exit into another path. One thing you notice about the man is that he doesn’t just rest on his laurels. He always keeps it moving and knows when to cut his losses and pursue the next move. That is what keeps someone on top for a very long time. It is a classic trap to become successful and rest on the past achievements. It makes sense psychologically, but being complacent is a sure way to ensure you won’t be kept in the sky for an extended period.