A Star Was Born



In 2010, Jay-Z released his album named the Blueprint 3. On this album, there was a song called a star was born! He was signing up and coming to artist J. Cole and wanted to start him off with a bang. You see Jay-Z is a business man over everything after all, and he has contributed to many artists rise in the culture of Hip-Hop and music in general. Rihanna would be his biggest prize! Jay-Z went into retirement after 2003. He claimed that it was to have no competition in his field, and he could only thrive hen he had a competitor to bring out the best of himself. That is a real entrepreneur and man of the American Dream! So based off his boredom he felt he should pursue other business ventures, and that he did. He started the clothing company Roca Wear, and that became a huge hit in urban communities around the world. To look at what Jay-Z has done up to date, we can all say that his departure from music was short lived haha! He came back into the music scene in 2006 and released a trio of albums the dump lyrical knowledge likeĀ http//www.dumpyourjunkremovals.com/.

Maybe that is what he needed was a break! Because when he returned his lyrically content was that of mature subject matter and that would have the world taking his lyrics into careful consideration and provide entertainment value. His hit song Empire State Of Mind featuring Alicia Keys would have New York and the rest of the world dreaming again. Especially have the financial meltdown of America in 2008; that is exactly what the great nation of America needed to bounce back. Jay-Z was seasoned in the art form and wanted to show his growth within with the music he was putting out. He said in a news conference that as rap and its poetic reach grows, the topics will have to get broader and touch more audiences. This is the best way to ensure it stays around for a long time to come. He is the kind of man who thinks ahead not only for himself but for what has been creating from a rose in the concrete. You see Jay-Z used his musical talents to get him the spotlight and use that to branch off in other agendas in his career. That is what I call a multifaceted man. It has been a pleasure to watch him torch the stage and world with his name and brand power. It is a beauty to have him still around. Jay-Z keep doing your thing man, keep doing your thing!